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Kube Spa


Welcome to the Spa of Kube Saint-Tropez, an universe of beauty spanning over 300m2, with six cabins including a double, a hammam and a sauna. This peaceful haven designed on two levels has been purely dedicated to soothe your mind and body between luxuriously soft lighting, welcoming hammams and steamy saunas. This Spa offers you an holistic vision of beauty care in order to offer you an exceptional moment. Dedicated to well-being, the Kube Saint-Tropez Spa invites each and every guest for a tailored, personalized moment and is also accessible to non-residents.





Active marine cosmetics, creator of beauty.

The Kube Saint-Tropez has chosen for its spa to collaborate with the Thalgo brand, a pioneer in marine cosmetics. Expert diagnosis, cutting-edge know-how, exclusive massage techniques, divine textures and enchanting fragrances… , give in to the personalized advice and expert hands of our THALGO practitioners, for a unique care experience and the assurance of visible and lasting results from first aid. Fundamental signature care combined with the awakening of your senses in the maritime world.

Thalgo, born from the Sea, is committed to minimizing its ecological footprint at every stage of its development and investments for the active protection of biodiversity and the environment.





In 2022, the Spa du Kube Saint-Tropez enriches its treatment menu with the expertise of Ella Baché, a Nutridermology® pioneer, the use of natural dietary ingredients to meet the skin’s nutritional needs, and brought care into the era of connected beauty through the development of revolutionary diagnostic and care technologies.

SKINTEX®DIAG: a real-time diagnosis of your skin that combines 22 technological analyses for an ultra-personalized care solution and unparalleled efficiency. 

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