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Organize a professional event in the South of France

The south of France is a particularly popular destination for organizing corporate events. The sun throughout the year and the famous French Riviera way of life has placed Saint-Tropez among the ideal destination for all types of corporate events. The Gulf of Saint-Tropez setting is certainly one of the most appropriate location for a memorable event. So once the participants to the seminar will be relaxed, they will be more productive and efficient at work. A Win-Win partnership for both the company and its employees.


Choose the Kube Saint-Tropez hotel for a business seminar

In recent years, corporate events have become an important key to success for internal and external communication. Organizing a corporate event is not only a strong tool of internal communication but also a way to influence external growth. In fact, gathering the different members of the same company for a conference, a workshop or any other type of event, reinforce the team spirit, strengthen the corporate culture and improve the professional environment. Thus, there are many advantages to organizing professional events. However, to benefit from all these advantages, your business event has to respect some prerequisites. It seems wise to organize events and corporate parties in a relaxed and original setting in order to mark the memory of your employees and offer them the best environment to get to know each other and create links. The idyllic setting of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez is an ideal place to organize a unique corporate event. The 5-star Kube Saint-Tropez hotel, located 5 minutes from the city center of the village of Saint-Tropez, offers a spectacular setting facing the sea, ideal for the organization of exceptional events.

Plan your corporate event easily with the Kube Saint-Tropez team

There are now several types of corporate events from the traditional formats to the most original. First the seminar is usually intended to announce a new strategic vision or to communicate internally on a new launch. In addition, a  Team building-type events is aimed at bringing together employees of the same team and combine working session and moments of fun and relaxation between colleagues. Conventions are most often intended to retain partners, while private company parties are more intended to mark the minds of customers. Finally, you can also simply choose to bring your employees together in an "out of office" setting for a meeting in order to renew their interest and increase their creativity and efficiency far from their usual working environment. For all these types of business events, the Kube Saint-Tropez can provide you with a tailor-made offer which meet all of your needs. To do this, it will be necessary to clearly precise the objective(s) of the event in advance in order to plan it accurately. Here are a few examples of questions to ask yourself before organizing any event. Do you want to create cohesion between your employees? Or, maybe your goal is to communicate the company's vision to your partners or share a new strategic plan. Your event can also be used to promote a new product launch or your brand. Do you want to strengthen the corporate culture of your company's employees and make them stick to common values? If your objectives are clear and defined, it will then be easier to plan your event in Saint-Tropez with the Kube Saint-Tropez Event Manager, to estimate the budget necessary to achieve it and finally to determine the most appropriate formula and the activities according to your needs. Obviously, the entire team at our resort will be able to answer all your questions in order to guide you in your choices and provide you with a personalized quotation for your event on the French Riviera.

A unique setting and high-end services for a seminar in Saint-Tropez

At the heart of a resort overlooking the Mediterranean with 2 hectares of garden, 3 swimming pools and different types of accommodation from bedroom to private Villas, the Kube Saint-Tropez is the perfect setting for all your events. For a business seminar, a meeting, a convention, a product launch or any other group events, the Kube Saint-Tropez hotel has different spaces that can fit with all type of events. A dedicated team will be at your side for all the organization, whether it is for logistics, welcoming employees, meals or organizing activities during the seminar, our teams will deploy all their know-how to help you create a made-to-measure event. In addition, thanks to our expertise in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region and our network of partners in Saint-Tropez, we offer a concierge service dedicated to the organization of personalized activities. Thus, you will have plenty of choice for water sports activities, yacht trips, golf , or a private visit to the vineyards of the Var hinterland to discover the wines of Provence. And if you prefer to stay at our resort, wellness sessions at Kube Spa or yoga or fitness sessions in small groups can complete your seminar and foster the creative emulation of your teams.

Trust the Kube teams for the organization of your corporate seminar in Saint-Tropez, we will organize tailor-made programs with you according to your needs.

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